CQC’s New assessment approach and provider portal

CQC have implemented their new new regulatory approach.

The new approach will give them the ability to make judgements about quality more regularly, instead of only after an inspection (as they do today).

They’ll use evidence from a variety of sources and look at any number of quality statements to do this.

They’ll continue to describe the quality of care using the 4 ratings: outstanding, good, requires improvement, or inadequate. In forming a view of quality, they will use a scoring framework to enable them to make consistent judgements.

The scores will translate into one of the ratings for the key questions (safe, effective, caring, responsive, and well-led). Scores will also be the basis for their view of quality at an overall service level.

At first, they will only publish the ratings, but intend to publish the scores in future.

Using scoring as part of their assessments will:

  • help them be clearer and more open about how they’ve reached a judgement on quality.
  • show if a service is close to another rating. For example, for a rating of good the score can show if it’s nearing either outstanding or requires improvement.
  • help them to see if quality is moving up or down within a rating.

To support this new approach they are changing the way we present reports and ratings on their website.

This link shows examples of what the new reports will look like.

A webinar was held on Wednesday 2 August. The webinar shared how and when CQC plan to implement their new assessment approach and provider portal.

The first webinar in their transformation series, this episode focused on how they’ll roll out our new regulatory approach and provider portal to all health and social care providers.

They also let you know when they expect to start using our new regulatory approach and the steps they’ll take to get there.

This one-hour webinar is led by Chris Day,  Director of Engagement, and Amanda Hutchinson, Head of Policy, Regulatory Change.  It’s an opportunity to hear the latest updates about their new regulatory approach.

Linked here are the presentation and recording.

For those that attended the webinar, you can share your thoughts on this feedback form.

You’ll find guidance on CQC’s new assessment approach on their website, with more publishing soon.

Our playlist of short videos takes you through their next steps.  The overview video in only 1.24 minutes.  Watch it now.

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First Published
30 March 2023
Updated On
27 February 2024
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31 July 2024
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