CQC New assessments starting from 21 November in the South

CQC New assessments

From 21 November CQC will start using our new single assessment framework in the South region.

Between 21 November and 4 December they will undertake a small number of planned assessments with 14 early adopter providers, whilst continuing to respond to risk. They will then expand their new assessment approach to all providers based on a risk-informed schedule.

They are sharing more information with providers in the south separately and will be in touch with providers in other areas of the country to confirm when they’ll start using their new approach.

Read more on how they’re implementing

Catch up on our latest webinar

In the second of our ‘CQC is changing’ webinar series, you can hear from Amanda Hutchinson, Head of Policy, Regulatory Change and Dave James, Head of Adult Social Care Policy.

Amanda and Dave introduce quality statements and evidence categories, and the role they play in our new regulatory approach.

They talked through where these two elements fit in the wider new regulatory approach and what guidance is available to help you understand them. Sharing example quality statements to explore how we’ll use evidence categories to identify specific sources of evidence to use in our assessments.

Read the full guidance here and share you feedback.


First Published
20 October 2023
Updated On
20 October 2023
Due to be Reviewed
20 October 2024
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