EURIPA forum at the Lincoln Medical School from June 20th to 22nd this year

LIRCH is hosting the 13th EURIPA forum at the Lincoln Medical School from June 20th to 22nd this year.

EURIPA is the European Rural and Isolated Practitioners Association – see website here:

The purpose of EURIPA is to support rural and isolated family GPs and address the health and wellbeing needs of rural communities.

The title of this year’s conference is : Tackling Health Inequalities in Rural and Remote Communities.

This is the first time that the conference has been hosted in the UK, and it is a real opportunity for our institute and key partners to highlight the initiatives that are being undertaken in Lincolnshire to address health inequalities in rural and coastal communities.

EURIPA is an offshoot of WONCA (World Organisation of Family Doctors) : World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA) (

It is also very timely that we are hosting the event this summer as we launch the new Lincoln Institute for Rural and Coastal Health (LIRCH) funded by the E3 grant.

The event is also being supported by the Royal College of General Practitioners.

We are very keen to maximise attendance at the event by widely promoting this to Lincolnshire GPs and healthcare practitioners.

Would it be possible to promote this event through the ICB and make sure that we make the conference visible to all primary care practices across the region?

Registration is currently open and abstracts are still being accepted for the event:

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30 April 2024
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6 May 2024
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23 June 2024
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