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Please read the course information and the terms carefully before booking a place on a course. Some of the entry requirements for the Imms courses have changed.

This course is funded so if you are not able to attend the course on the day and you have not given reasonable notice your practice will incur the cost of the place.



GMC and NMC require doctors and nurses to reflect upon the training which they attend. This reflection is what GP and nurse appraisers should use to assess the value of training which has been attended.

The GMC do not require certificates of attendance to be produced as evidence of attendance. The LMC have also spoken with the NMC and have been told that this is also the case for nurses that “evidence of attendance is required, and this can be a certificate, but reflections are also acceptable”.

The LMC does not produce certificates of attendance at events which we have organised. Some of the companies who facilitate our training may provide certificates, but some will not.

Please also note that some trainers are moving towards paper free working and now require you to register your attendance via a link which is provided on the day. If you do not register, they will not be able to issue you with a certificate.



Whilst we do provide catering for some courses we do not routinely provide food so if you are attending a full day course please bring a packed lunch with you. Refreshments are always provided throughout.

If we are providing food it will clearly state it on the course information page and you will be asked to provide dietary requirements. 

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