Final Preparations for Transition to the Cervical Screening Management System (CSMS)

The CSMS, the new IT system designed to support the continued success of the NHS Cervical Screening Programme, is now in the final stages of testing. The system is expected to go live in late June 2024.

All staff delivering cervical screening services must complete the final actions outlined in the system letter issued on 21 May 2024 by 17 June 2024. These actions include:

  1. Carrying out a check to confirm access to CSMS. Guidance is provided to support completing an access check and addressing any encountered problems.
  2. Completing CSMS training, which includes Part 1: Introducing the new CSMS, and Part 2: Using the new CSMS. These training modules are now available on the Learning Hub and can be accessed using an e-Learning for Health login. Training must be completed before using the new CSMS.

Additionally, GP practices have been asked to review and update email details held on Open Exeter to continue receiving prior notification list (PNL) reminders and to support effective patient call/recall processes.

Once CSMS goes live, it will be accessed via an NHS smartcard, and the current Open Exeter system will no longer be accessible for delivering NHS cervical screening services.

For any questions or further assistance, please contact the CSMS Implementation Team at

First Published
22 May 2024
Updated On
22 May 2024
Due to be Reviewed
15 March 2025
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