NHS Website ‘Profile Manager’ and ‘Find a GP’ tool

Find a GP Tool

Have you checked to see what patients see when they use the 'Find a GP' tool?

It can inform patients if you are:

  • Accepting new patients
  • Accepting out of area registrations
  • Can Register online

You can switch on / off the 'Register online with this GP' option using the Profile Manager which you can get access via:

However, to remove 'Accepts out of area registrations', you need to contact the Service Desk and let them know about the issue on

Profile Manager

If you have never used the Profile Manager to update the details on your NHS website, you can get access via: and manage the following options:

  • Manage your contact details
  • Manage your opening times
  • Set up your facilities
  • Patient registration

From July 2023 we released a brand-new paper form the reflects the online registration service.

It can be used for patients with limited or no access to the online service.

The form replaces the GMS1 for practices using the ‘Register with a GP surgery’ service.

To access, select the 'Sign up to the Register with a GP surgery service' and choose the 'Download the paper form' option.

Please contact the Profile Manager team if there are further questions:

First Published
21 June 2023
Updated On
6 May 2024
Due to be Reviewed
19 June 2026
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