GPAS –  Have you got two minutes to help?

GPAS –  Have you got two minutes to help?

Each week the LMC sends out a General Practice Alert State (GPAS) to practices. We understand everyone is really busy and it is another job to add to your ever-growing to do list. However, it would really help us an LMC to have information from as many practices as possible. A few points below that may help clarify how the data is collected/used.

  • It really does only take two minutes to complete the return
  • The data is sent directly to the LMC not the ICB
  • All data is anonymised and collated on a PCN footprint before being shared with the ICB & other stakeholders, so there is no fear of the ICB/CQC descending on you if you report red or black
  • It doesn’t need to be completed by a Manager, an admin/data person within the practice can complete the return each week they can also nominate a deputy for when they are away

Why should I bother to fill it in it makes no difference?

  • The GPAS data is used to show the system how much pressure general practice is under. Without the data we can tell the system repeatedly how much pressure general practice is under but without the data it goes unrecognised
  • The LMC is currently working with the ICB to create a system response for struggling practices, however the system response would only be triggered at practice request

If you’ve not received your GPAS request or need some more help, please email

So please can your practice spare two minutes to complete the return each week.

First Published
20 February 2023
Updated On
3 March 2024
Due to be Reviewed
31 March 2025
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