Inappropriate Secondary Care workload transfer

The recent NHSE document Recovering access to primary care outlined plans to end the inappropriate transfer of workload to general practice from secondary care.

The BMA report below includes links to template letters to send to the ICB when a breech occurs.

The LMC also advise that practices send the template letter to the provider who has breeched these terms.

The LMC asked Ardens to add the template letter and this is now available in Ardens to enable practices to notify the ICB and the provider of breeches.

We strongly advise that practices do send the letter when a breech occurs to accurately capture the current volume of workload shift that occurs into general practice from secondary care.

The LMC will be advising the ICB regarding creation of a robust pathway for reporting and actioning of breeches going forward.

BMA Report on the GP recovery plan is available here.

First Published
10 July 2023
Updated On
8 August 2023
Due to be Reviewed
10 July 2024
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