KO41b General Practice Written Complaints – 2024

The upcoming KO41b General Practice Written Complaints data collection, that will be running on SDCS, will open on 20th May 2024, and the deadline for submission will be 8 weeks later on 12th July 2024

If you are not the right person at your Practice to submit data, please contact the Data Collections Service at to notify who should be registered to submit for the collection at your Practice .

If you require any assistance with the submission tool, SDCS, or with making changes to who can submit data for your organisation via SDCS, please feel free to contact them at

For further information and guidance on using SDCS to submit data, please see their web page:

The 2023-24 collection has retained all the in-built validations aimed at improving the data input experience. The guidance documents will be made available at the KO41b data collection guidance page, which we hope to have fully updated by launch. Please note that there are no data item changes to the previous collection year so you may wish to refer to last years guidance in the meantime as updates will refer only to the change in collection year to reflect 2023-24.

If you have any further queries about the KO41b General Practice Written Complaints data collection in terms of the data items and definitions, please contact

The Data Collections Service

First Published
13 May 2024
Updated On
13 May 2024
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13 July 2024
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