LMC UK Conference May 2023 report

LMC UK Conference May 18th & 19th 2023

Lincs LMC attended the UK conference in London. Two days of rich debate about many of the large issues that affect general practice across the UK. Motions are debated and then voted on. Those passed become GPC UK Policy.

This conference does not discuss things such as PCNs or GMS contract imposition as these are not issues that affect all UK nations.

Sometimes seemingly sensible and important motions can fail due to single words or missed detail that would render the motion unactionable for GPC to undertake.


Please find attached LMC UK Conference May 2023 Report, which provides insight on the below notions, discussed at the LMC UK conference:

Day 1:

  • Motion 4: Survival of General Practice
  • Motion 5: GMC
  • Motion 6: Cost of Living Crisis
  • Motion 7: Collapse of the NHS
  • Motion 8: GP working schedules
  • Motion 9: UK Salaried Model Contract
  • Motion 10: The Expert Generalist
  • Motion 11: Primary Care
  • Motion 12: Primary Care Doctors
  • Motion 15: Future of GP training
  • Motion 16&17: GP Recruitment and Retention
  • Motion 18: MRCGP
  • Motion 19: GP Trainees Conference

Day 2:

  • Motion 20: GPC
  • Motion 21: LMC Governance
  • Motion 22: Professional Standards
  • Motion 23: Public Health
  • Motion 24: Death Certification
  • Motion 25: Format of Future Conferences
  • Motion 26: The Independent Contractor
  • Motion 27: Firearms
  • Motion 28: Private Practice
  • Motion 29: Pay Restoration
First Published
24 May 2023
Updated On
5 November 2023
Due to be Reviewed
6 November 2025
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