New Statutory Firearms Licensing Guidance – 2021

New Statutory Firearms Licensing Guidance - 2021

Home Office have issued new guidance regarding medical information for firearms licencing.  This new guidance does not change the process for firearms medical provision in Lincolnshire.

The process remains

  1. Patient requests medical information from GP regarding a set list of medical conditions.
    • This request includes consent to share information with the police
    • This request also includes consent to add a firearms flag to the patient’s medical record
  2. Practice completes medical report template
    • There is a new template which includes space for extra information if a patient does have one of the conditions.  This new form should be added to Ardens soon.
    • The form can be auto-filled and completed by an administrator in practice but then needs to be checked and signed by a GP
    • Practices can charge patients for completing this work
  3. Practice returns the form to the firearms team using the FAL email address
  4. Firearms team inform practice if patient is issued a licence
  5. Practice marks patient’s record with a firearms flag

Lincolnshire Police are not suspending new application or renewal process during the booster campaign but understand that GP practices will prioritise patient care and boosters over completing the firearms paperwork.

First Published
15 December 2021
Updated On
15 September 2023
Due to be Reviewed
20 September 2025
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