PCNA Legal Entity

PCNA Legal Entity

Email sent to Lincolnshire GP Partners and Practice Managers by Lincolnshire LMC on Friday 12th January 2024


We have recently been notified that the Primary Care Network Alliance (PCNA) have written to PCN Clinical Directors (CDs) inviting PCNs to become members of a new PCNA legal entity, a company limited by guarantee. Several practices have contacted us to say that their Partners and Practice Managers have not been informed of this process and vote and have not been invited to discussions with the rest of their PCN. Each PCN needs to fully discuss this process with their member practices to ensure practices are aware of the potential pros and cons of a PCNA company.


While the invitation is an expression of interest and only indicative of agreement to further exploration of company formation, not mandating practices and PCNs to form a PCNA legal entity, or be members of it,  each GP contract holder/practice needs to consider the following:


  • Why does the PCNA wish to become a legal entity?
    • What benefits/detriments may this have to your practice/PCN/federation?
    • One of the reasons the PCNA talks of becoming a legal entity is to hold contracts, what will these contracts be in the future and how may it impact your practice in both delivering services and accessing funding?
    • Do you agree with the vision and purpose of the PCNA (Attached) and is a formation of a PCNA company needed for those to be achieved?
  • Has your PCN CD discussed the option of your PCN joining the PCNA legal entity with you/your practice?
    • If not you should discuss with them and the rest of your PCN to ensure you fully understand and that your view counts towards the vote from your PCN?
  • Who funds the PCNA and how will it be funded in the future?
    • PCNs do not currently fund the PCNA, it is funded by the ICB and the roles of Chief Executive and Deputies are directly funded by the ICB.
      • If the ICB continues funding the PCNA and its roles how can it make independent decisions?
      • Do you think any company formed should be independent from the ICB?
      • If the PCNA legal entity is not funded by the ICB, would your PCN or Practice be willing to do so?


The letter and supporting document sent out to CDs are attached for further information:

First Published
12 January 2024
Updated On
26 January 2024
Due to be Reviewed
10 January 2026
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