PCSE Website Search Assistant

As part of PCSE’s commitment to improving services for everyone, they have launched a new feature on their website – the PCSE Website Search Assistant.

When visitors go to the website looking for information, they will be able to use the Search Assistant which appears on the right-hand side of the page. This new feature will provide support in finding answers to many questions.

The Search Assistant will proactively ask questions depending on the web page the visitor is on and respond conversationally to any questions they have about it. The answers provided will be from information that is already on the PCSE website, and the Search Assistant aims to assist by quickly finding the answers.

Visitors may be prompted about the use of cookies on the PCSE Website. They should select ‘I’m OK with analytics cookies’. If they do not, the Search Assistant will not be enabled. Visitors can edit their cookie preferences there at any time if they do not see the Search Assistant.

First Published
22 March 2024
Updated On
22 March 2024
Due to be Reviewed
22 September 2024
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