Pharmacy First Update Record BMA Update (SystmOne Update)

TPP has been contacted by several practices regarding the recent BMA publication on data sharing and data controllership.  TPP wants to reassure practices that there are NO planned changes to the controls that practices already have in SystmOne regarding the Pharmacy First Update Record.

The Update Record has been live for three months, starting in April 2024, to support NHS England’s “Pharmacy First” initiative.  The Update Record gives practices the option to receive information about patient consultations held in pharmacies directly into SystmOne.  Alternatively, practices will receive this patient information into their NHS Mail inbox.

If practices receive messages directly into SystmOne, they can choose to automatically file them into patient records or receive tasks for manual review.  Most practices currently receive messages directly into SystmOne, which is far more efficient for the practice, eliminating the need for any manual transcription from an email.  The messages received directly into SystmOne are also clearly attributed to the pharmacy and the individual who performed the consultation.

TPP has recently received a request from NHS England to remove the option for practices to opt-out of incoming Pharmacy First Update Record messages.  TPP is NOT making this change.

TPP is currently in discussions with NHS England regarding this matter and will keep practices updated.  No changes will be made without significant prior notice.  The controls regarding the Pharmacy First Update Record are already available to each practice.  There is no need to email TPP if amendments are required.

First Published
2 July 2024
Updated On
2 July 2024
Due to be Reviewed
2 October 2024
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