Episode 29: Lincs LMC Committee meeting highlights (July 22)

Episode 29: Lincs LMC Committee meeting highlights (July 22)

Lincolnshire LMC's Nick Turner (Practice Support Officer) & Rosa Wyldeman (Operations Officer) discuss the highlights of the LMC committee meeting that took place in July 22.

Topics Include:

GPAD General Practice Alert State ICS Development WebV Testing Phase LMC Practice Calls and Visits Practice Staff wellbeing

The full committee meeting reports for this year, can be found here: Lincolnshire LMC: 2022 Committee Meeting Reports (lincslmc.co.uk)

If you would like to be an observer for the next committee meeting, please let us know: info@lincslmc.co.uk

To keep up with current information relevant to general practice, please follow us on social media: @LincolnshireLMC


First Published
7 August 2022
Updated On
15 September 2023
Due to be Reviewed
12 October 2024
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