Practice Support Network: Agilio TeamNet – Part 1: Getting started

Practice Support Network: Agilio TeamNet - Part 1: Getting started

This webinar has been specifically designed to help you learn the essential basics of Agilio TeamNet.  Mastering these fundamentals is crucial as they lay the groundwork for smoothly transitioning into more advanced modules of the system.

Led by Nick Turner, Practice Support Officer for Lincolnshire LMC.

This webinar covers the following topics within the Agilio TeamNet platform:

  • Introduction to Agilio TeamNet:  A brief overview of the platform's key features and capabilities and understanding the importance of mastering the fundamentals.
  • Navigating Agilio TeamNet:  Getting acquainted with the platform's interface and layout and familiarising yourself with the tools available
  • Managing Staff and Sites:  Adding and managing staff members effectively whilst maintain security of the system.
  • Room and Resource Booking:  Setting up and managing room and resource / equipment bookings.
  • Tracking Staff Presence:  Utilising the "Who Is on Site" feature to monitor staff (and visitors).
  • Tags for Organization:  Understanding the use of tags for searching and filtering data.  Create custom tags for better data organisation.
  • Importing Contacts:  Seamless import contact information into Agilio TeamNet from Microsoft Excel.
  • Safety Alert Management:  Configuring safety alert settings and notifications and escalate Safety Alerts.
First Published
25 January 2024
Updated On
25 January 2024
Due to be Reviewed
3 August 2024
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