Practice Support Network: Agilio TeamNet – Part 2: Core Management Modules

Practice Support Network: Agilio TeamNet - Part 2: Core Management Modules

This comprehensive webinar hosted by Nick Turner, Practice Support Officer at Lincolnshire LMC, will delve into the core management modules of Agilio TeamNet. This session is designed to help healthcare professionals enhance their understanding and proficiency in Agilio TeamNet for efficient practice management.

During this event we will cover the following topics within the Agilio TeamNet platform

  • Premises and Equipment Checks: Learn how to use Agilio TeamNet to streamline and document routine checks and maintenance of practice premises and equipment to ensure a safe and compliant healthcare environment.
  • Fridge Monitoring: Explore the features of Agilio TeamNet that enable efficient monitoring and logging of temperature-sensitive medicines and vaccines stored in fridges, ensuring compliance with storage regulations.
  • Drug Expiry: Discover how to track medication expiry dates with Agilio TeamNet, ensuring that expired drugs are promptly identified and replaced, thus maintaining medication safety.
  • Prescription Tracker: Gain insights into how Agilio TeamNet simplifies prescription management by providing tools to track and monitor prescriptions, improving patient care and reducing administrative burdens.
  • Learning / Significant Events: Learn how to use Agilio TeamNet to record and manage learning and significant events within the practice, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and patient safety.
  • Complaints: Explore Agilio TeamNet's complaint management capabilities, enabling effective recording, tracking, and resolution of patient complaints to enhance patient satisfaction and practice reputation.
  • Practice Audits: Discover how Agilio TeamNet facilitates practice audits, helping practices assess their performance, identify areas for improvement, and maintain compliance with healthcare standards.
  • Manage Policies: Learn how to use Agilio TeamNet to centrally manage practice policies and procedures, ensuring that staff have access to up-to-date information and supporting adherence to regulatory requirements.
First Published
26 January 2024
Updated On
26 January 2024
Due to be Reviewed
3 August 2024
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