Primary Care Support England (PCSE) Update on Pensions

GP Pensions 2024/25 Estimates Deadline

NHS Pensions has extended the deadline for the submission of 2024/25 GP Pensions Estimates. Estimates must be completed and submitted by 31 March 2024.

PCSE is in the process of updating PCSE Online with the 2024/25 estimate form and we will be in touch directly with Practices to let them know when they can login and submit their 2024/25 estimate.

GP employment changes awaiting approvals

If you are a Principal or Salaried GP and need to update your employment details, this is done using PCSE Online. Part of the process requires approval from either the ‘PL Practice Manager’ or the Commissioner who will receive an email from PCSE asking them to approve the change in PCSE Online.

  • If the status of your change is showing as ‘Waiting for Details’ this means that it is pending approval by the person at your practice with the ‘PL Practice Manager’ role on PCSE Online. Please speak to them to progress your request.
  • If the status of your request is showing as ‘Awaiting NHSE’, this means that it is with your Commissioner awaiting approval. Commissioners will acknowledge this change once the appropriate contractual changes have been made. Please speak to them to progress your request.

You can view the full process of completing an employment change here. Once your employment change has been approved, the status will change to assigned.

End of Year Pensions update

The 2022/23 Type 1 Annual Certificate and Type 2 Self Assessment form are now available on PCSE Online for members of the NHS Pension Scheme. Log in using this link.

Deadline – As a reminder, the deadline to submit Type 1 and Type 2 forms is 31 March 2024.

End of year webinars

We are hosting another Type 1 webinar on 13 March and two more Type 2 webinars on 12 and 26 March. There’s still time to register using this link

User guides

As the 2022/23 forms are a little different to other years, we have also created guides for the Type 1 Annual Certificate and the Type 2 Self Assessment form to help you complete the end of year process successfully. Click the links below to access the guides.

Submitting 2022/23 Type 1 Annual Certificate

Submitting 2022/23 Type 2 Self Assessment form

PCSE YouTube channel

On our YouTube channel, you will find a dedicated playlist for the 2022/23 end of year pensions process for both Type 1 and Type 2 forms. These include completing your 2022/23 end of year forms on PCSE Online, accessing the employee contribution screen and more.

2022/23 Type 1 end of year pensions playlist

2022/23 Type 2 end of year pensions playlist

Website resources

You will find the guides on our GP Pensions Resources page, along with other useful documents. There’s a link to our GP Pensions FAQs and we’ll also post links to the webinar recordings when available.  Members can also visit the End of Year Processes pages on the website for additional information.

Frequently asked questions

We are currently curating the most frequently asked questions from the recent webinar and enquiries into our Customer Service Centre and updating them daily.

Type 1 FAQs

Type 2 FAQs

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1 March 2024
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1 March 2024
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