Prior Notification Lists (PNL) for Cervical Screening Management System (CSMS)

In preparation for the introduction of the new Cervical Screening Management System (CSMS), which replaces the current call/recall IT system that is accessed by Open Exeter, GP practice’s Primary Contact/Primary User on Open Exeter should review and update email details to continue to receive prior notification list (PNL) reminders.

Currently an email advising practices that the PNL is available for completion is sent by the Cervical Screening Administration Service (CSAS). Practices are asked to check the email address held on Open Exeter, by visiting the Organisation Maintenance Screen on the main menu Application drop down list. A generic email address, rather than a named individual’s email, should be used to avoid notifications being missed.

If required, the practice’s Primary Contact/Primary User on Open Exeter must email requesting that the email address for cervical screening PNLs is updated. Please include the practice code/ODS code in the request.

Please action this request by 7th June 2024 to ensure that, when CSMS goes live, PNL reminders continue to be issued and received to support effective call and recall of patients.

First Published
6 May 2024
Updated On
6 May 2024
Due to be Reviewed
8 June 2024
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