PSA ranges alignment with NICE guidance

The previous lab reported PSA ranges were not in alignment with NICE guidance.

The list below is what appears on the Lincolnshire – 2WW Urology referral letter.


Normal Age Related Range
Age PSA (ng/ml)
Below 40






Use clinical judgment

More than 2.5

More than 3.5

More than 4.5

More than 6.5

Use clinical judgement

This was raised to us by a practice and we have liaised with the the Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Lincoln County Hospital who have now confirmed this has been changed.

The lab plan to start reporting in alignment with the NICE age-related from the beginning of October.

Practices will see an auto-comment applied ‘Please note, new age related reference intervals for PSA from 2nd October 2023 (see NICE NG12 2023)’

First Published
27 September 2023
Updated On
26 January 2024
Due to be Reviewed
25 September 2025
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