Referring patients moving from other areas

Referring patients moving from other areas

When patients move into your practice area from other parts of the country it is your practice’s responsibility to arrange local follow up for conditions which the patient was already seeing a specialist.

Patients who move from other parts of the country may need to continue having follow up for their conditions with a specialist locally.  It would be ideal if the specialist in the patient’s old location arranged follow up and transferred care to a specialist in the new location, however, there is currently no mechanism or compulsion for them to do this.

Currently it is the responsibility of the patient’s new general practice to refer for new follow up arrangements.  Lincolnshire LMC has lobbied nationally to change this, as the current process delays transfer of care and increases bureaucracy, however, this change has not yet happened.

First Published
3 December 2021
Updated On
11 July 2023
Due to be Reviewed
19 July 2024
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