Scanhouse Solutions Ltd to NEC [ARCHIVED]

On behalf of practices, NHS Lincolnshire ICB has procured a storage/scan-on-demand service from NEC at no cost to practices who were previously using Scanhouse.

The transfer of the service from Scanhouse to NEC will broadly take place in two stages:

  1. Backlog, or “catch – up” service to cover the request of records in period of transition from Scanhouse to NEC
  2. The ongoing service following completion of the above catch-up.

As practices have not had access to a service for approximately 3 months, there is a significant backlog of requests that need actioning, therefore this has been identified as the priority. The process below outlines how this process will work

NEC will work through the catch-up for every Lincs practice, before the routine service commences. A further update will be issued shortly regarding the ongoing, routine process as soon as the catch-up phase is completed. Please be patient with the process and those enacting it – Lincs had over 450,000 sets of paper records stored with Scanhouse in 4 different locations and the processes needed for NEC to re-house these, index them, and manage the practice catch-up process is huge.


SARS / Medical Reports / Access to Records

Practices will initially be asked to submit by email to NEC requests for all outstanding record requests by 31st July. These must be submitted on the attached form. To ensure a fair service to all practices, the numbers of each category of requests will be capped as detailed in the form linked.


Webinars and Links

The following webinar links explain how the process will work for Lincolnshire practices.

Note: You may have to request permission to access.



The email address referred to in the webinar (for sending requests to NEC is



  1. Please be patient with NEC as we get the system up and running. There is a lot of sorting of records needed following the insolvency of Scanhouse Solutions Ltd. NEC have done a fine job in getting records relocated, and a new system in place, but getting the system perfected may take a week or two.
  2. Please remember that this is for scanning records needed for SARs, medical requests, insurance reports, solicitors reports etc. It is not for scanning ALL your medical records.

Final note:

Initially the total number of requests that each practice can make to NEC (for scanning or physical for the return of records for patients who have left the area) will be capped at 6 per thousand patients per month (75 requests each year for every thousand patients that you have registered). If you have any problems with this limitation as the year progresses, please do get in contact with

First Published
8 August 2023
Updated On
3 June 2024
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3 June 2024
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