Transfer of Patient Access to Records Redactions (to/from EMIS)

Soon after the next SystmOne maintenance release, when receiving a GP2GP record from an EMIS practice (and sending to) where entries within the GP record have been marked as ‘do not make available for patient access’ SystmOne will now support the receipt and transfer of this flag.  This means that entries that the previous practice thought should be hidden from the patient will persist as hidden when transferred via GP2GP into SystmOne.

Practices should be aware of the limitations of this process to avoid errors:

  1. Patients transferring from a Vision practice will not have any such redactions as this is not supported in Vision; a previously redacted record transferred to Vision and back again may lose its redactions.
  2. There is no facility to set a date from which the record has been reviewed. This new process is designed to support the prospective full record access but GP2GP will not inform the new practice on what date the sending practice switched their access on.
  3. The receiving practice will be unaware of what access the patient previously had to their record and so will be unaware of the completeness of record review

In addition practices should be aware that:

  1. SystmOne deals with record redaction at the ‘consultation’ level – that is, all information entered within one entry – this will include text, medication, vaccinations, scanned letters etc if all recorded at the same time. If only a part of an entry is to be redacted it will need to be split into more than one entry by using the ‘Next’ button.
  2. If (unusually) a repeat medication template is marked as ‘Do not show in the online record’ the issues from that template will NOT be automatically marked as ‘Do not show in the online record’, this will need to be done manually.
First Published
28 October 2023
Updated On
28 October 2023
Due to be Reviewed
26 October 2025
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