Update on registration with CQC and our portal

GP providers encountering issues with the new provider portal may find it challenging to complete registration actions. However, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) offers alternative measures until the portal’s functionality is restored.

Until the fixes are implemented, providers can continue submitting notifications via email if the portal is inaccessible. Those unable to utilise the portal for registration can follow these steps:

  1. Attempting Portal Sign-Up: Providers are encouraged to attempt signing up for the new provider portal. In case of difficulties, they should reach out to, using “Issue Submitting Registration Application” as the email subject.
  2. Guidance for Urgent Applications: For urgent applications necessitating completion within the next three months, the following criteria must be met:
    • New provider registrations requiring operation within the next three months.
    • Involvement in an imminent sale and transfer.
    • Initiating capacity augmentation within the health and social care system.
  3. Requesting Paper-Based Application: If unable to register via the portal, providers can contact Upon exception, a paper-based/word document application will be sent.
  4. Re-submission of Refused Paper Applications: Providers previously denied paper applications, meeting urgent criteria, can inform the CQC Enquiry number for potential reinstatement.
  5. Submitting Applications and Evidence: Applications, along with supporting evidence, should be forwarded to

Required Evidence: If immediate service commencement is imperative, written evidence is necessary from the Integrated Care Board. The evidence must:

  • Clearly elucidate how the service will address critical capacity or urgent care requirements in the area.
  • Be presented on official letterhead or sent from a or NHS email address.
First Published
17 April 2024
Updated On
6 May 2024
Due to be Reviewed
2 September 2024
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