NHSE Midlands Comms Update

NHSE Midlands Comms Update

NHS England Midlands have released some useful resources designed to:

  • Better help patients understand GP practices
  • Help patients become more accepting of seeing someone other than a GP
  • Help patients help themselves

There are three main areas covered:

  • Digital access –using the online consultation facility. Likely to land in Q3 it will be a campaign possibly using the Help Us Help You brand​​
  • Wider practice team – socialise the notion that pts will be asked by reception / care navigators why they’re calling so they can be referred to the most appropriate person, which may not be a GP. This will start later this month with a series of paid-for articles in national newspapers​​
  • Wider care available (alternatives to GP) – encourage the public to use other services. Likely to be NHS111 online focused and building on NHS App capabilities​​.

You can view the full presentation and access the relevant materials via the attached document:

Comms Update – Nov 23

If you find any of the resources you want missing from the presentation you can also access them via these links:

First Published
30 November 2023
Updated On
4 December 2023
Due to be Reviewed
1 November 2024
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