Episode 16: The Admiral Nurse Service Update

Episode 16: The Admiral Nurse Service Update

This weeks episode features a chat with Tom Rose Clinical Lead for the Lincolnshire Admiral Nurse service. This service is going through a period of review so we discuss what that means, the current service and expected changes. We also discuss the use of virtual consultations and a research project the team have been undertaking looking into this new field. Below you can find the link to the published work from the team:

Madden G, Rose T, Crystal L (2021) Using video consultations to support family carers of people living with dementia. Nursing Older People. doi: 10.7748/nop.2021.e1346 and link Using video consultations to support family carers of people living with dementia (rcni.com)

You can find the referral form for the Lincolnshire Admiral Nurse Team within System One and EMIS. For any queries you can call the Admiral Nurse Service Co-ordinator on 01522 551 250.

Specialist support to families facing dementia | Dementia UK

Here you will find the link to the Dementia UK website, which has the information about the helpline, lots of advice for carers and professionals and a free e-learning module about working with families with dementia here = Working with Families and Dementia: an introduction - Overview (dementiauk.org)

As you may be aware Lincolnshire has launched a new Dementia pathway so we are really keen to open up the conversation around life with dementia. It is in fact World Alzheimer's Day is on the 21st of September. The focus this year is on 'Journey through the diagnosis of Dementia'. The national diagnosis rate has dropped to 62.1% over the last 18 months; internationally, 90% of cases are undiagnosed - in Lincolnshire the aim is to change this through active working through the new pathway.

One of the challenges for people and families affected by dementia is getting a diagnosis in the first place. They struggle because they feel they aren't being listened to or having concerns dismissed. Diagnosis isn't just about access to medication. It is about recognition and giving people the support they desperately need to deal with the challenges they face.

Please take the time to listen to this podcast, as well as checking out the Dementia pathway webinar on the Lincolnshire LMC website here Lincolnshire LMC: Dementia Webinars (lincslmc.co.uk)

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First Published
7 October 2021
Updated On
15 September 2023
Due to be Reviewed
6 December 2024
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