Episode 22: Joining the LMC Committee

Episode 22: Joining the LMC Committee

I am joined today by Dr Jaishri Teckchendani - new member of the Lincolnshire LMC Committee.

The Lincolnshire LMC Committee is the statutory representative body for GPs and practices in Lincolnshire. We meet (almost) every month to discuss issues affecting general practice. Each area of Lincolnshire is represented on the Committee. Have you ever considered standing for election as an LMC representative for your area? Would you be interested to attend a meeting as an observer? You would be very welcome. We are also able to co-opt members onto the Committee outside of election periods if required.

The LMC Committee meet most months of the year, usually virtually or face to face over a delicious hot curry. The LMC Committee is an important link between the LMC Secretariat and local practices. As part of the Committee you have chance to represent your region and influence decision making.

Jaishri is a Lincolnshire GP and newly elected Committee member. In today's podcast she shares her experiences of being on the LMC Committee and how she got involved. It was great to chat with Jaishri about why she values being a representative on the LMC Committee and how she benefits from it as a GP.

If you are a local GP who would like to attend a Committee meeting as an observer please get in touch here Lincolnshire LMC: Contact us (lincslmc.co.uk) or you can visit our social media pages for more information. Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Thanks for listening!

First Published
1 December 2021
Updated On
15 September 2023
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5 October 2024
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