Nurse Practitioners and AHPs requesting x-ray and ultrasound investigations

Nurse practitioners and AHPs can become qualified and registered to organise x-ray and ultrasound investigations.

To be able to request these investigations there are several steps which the GP practice and clinician have to go through.

  • The practice has to have a protocol in place for non-medically qualified clinicians to make x-ray requests and ultrasound request- an example this protocol is available here.
  • The practice should be signed up to the local radiology provider’s policy for non-medical radiology requests- an example policy from ULHT is available here.
  • The individual clinicians have to have completed an Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations (IRMER) course and have an up to date certificate from this (an e-IRMER course is available from e-Learning for Health) covering these topics.
    • 00_01_01 – Making the most of e-IRMER
    • 00_01_02 – Introduction to radiation protection
    • 01_01_01 – Properties of radiation
    • 01_02_01 – Biological effects
    • 01_02_02 – Biological effects at high doses
    • 01_02_03 – Radiation units
    • 01_02_04 – Radiation doses
    • 01_02_05 – Risk vs. benefit
    • 01_03_01 – Special circumstances
    • 02_01_02 – General radiation protection and dose reduction
    • 03_01_01 – IRR99 and other regulations
    • 03_01_02 – IR(ME)R 2000 2000
    • 03_01_03 – Risk assessments
    • 03_03_01 – Clinical audit
  • The clinician should send their IRMER certificate along with an application to be a non-medical requestor to their local radiology department- an example application is attached to the practice protocol as Appendix A.
  • The clinician also needs to complete Appendix 1 of the “Policy for requesting ultrasound examinations for non-medical advanced practitioners in primary and community care” and send this to the radiology department of their local provider.

For ULHT these applications should be sent to

For NWAFT contacts are and

Best practice guidelines for NOUS Referral Guidance for Primary Care is available Best practice guidelines for NOUS Referral Guidance for Primary Care FINAL DRAFT.

First Published
4 May 2023
Updated On
6 May 2024
Due to be Reviewed
4 May 2026
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